Cyber Security 101: How To Protect Your Company From Cyber Attacks

A simple hack in your organizational system can lead to millions in losses. It also negatively impacts the reputation of your business, as customers lose trust. As a result, cyber security has become more important than ever for businesses. 

The global average cost of a data breach is more than $4 million, and this number is double in the US. It is best to incorporate security practices to ensure the safety of your business and curb losses. 

Here are the top rules to protect your organization from harm. 

Have An Employee Training Session 

Cybercriminals target the weakest links, which means your employees. For example, they can send phishing emails, impersonate someone else, or ask for personal details. All of these things can lead to data breaches. So, it is more important than ever to boost employee awareness. 

We recommend keeping an employee training session to educate your employees about best security practices. Our experts have listed some important security measures everyone can take:

  • Check emails and links before clicking on them 
  • Don’t provide sensitive information to someone you don’t know
  • Create strong passwords for all important applications
  • If there is a cyber threat, they must report it to the business

Implementing such measures will lower your risk of cyber attacks due to employee negligence

Control System Access

An important part of cyber security is controlling who has access to your network. We mean this digitally and physically. People can physically walk into your office and plug in a USB or storage device that can harm your networks. 

Others can opt for digital attacks to maintain anonymity. You must prevent this from happening through digital and physical measures. Here are some measures you can implement to control access to your network digitally:

  • Have a strong password policy for your office 
  • Encrypt all the sensitive data 
  • Keep changing passwords frequently 
  • Use firewalls 

These are just some of the measures you can implement for security. Every company must have a comprehensive policy to ensure the protection and security of data.

Regularly Update Malware and Anti-Virus 

Cyber attacks can also happen when you leave your system open to vulnerabilities. For example, failing to update your malware or anti-virus systems regularly can lead to anyone gaining access to your network. When you update them frequently, you automatically make the system more resilient. 

Many businesses utilize a patch management system for cyber security that manages all updates. You can also do that or hire a professional for their managed security solutions. 

Secure Your Wifi Networks 

Wireless technology has vulnerabilities because many devices can connect to your network and compromise security. Any connected device will also be affected if your Wifi network is at risk. Such dangers can compromise your security and put all your employees at risk.

You can secure the Wifi network and then hide it to ensure maximum network security. Another option is to use strong encryption and create a guest Wifi for non-employees. These are simple yet effective ways to improve the security of your Wifi network. 

Create Data Backups 

Cyber attacks mean your data will be breached and misused against you. As a company, you have data on your employees, clients, and customers, which can cause disasters if it gets into the wrong hands. Any data breaches can also cause serious downtime. 

Create multiple data backups and automate their updates to ensure you do not lose any important data. It will help you avoid serious financial loss and other repercussions. 

Hire A Professional Cyber Security Service 

Finally, we recommend hiring a professional cyber security service like Q4 Gems to fulfill all your cyber security needs. Our comprehensive range of services includes everything from data recovery and backups to disaster recovery. Organizations all over Canada benefit from our innovative IT solutions. 

You will receive a dedicated IT team to transform your business one IT solution at a time. In the long run, it will boost security and compliance, ensure efficiency, and reduce costs. 

Final Thoughts 

While there are many measures you can implement in your business, these are some of the most important ones. You can easily implement these measures and improve your security. However, if this process is too complex, you can hire a professional cyber security service. 

An expert team understands what your business requires and provides tailored solutions for implementation. As a result, your security will elevate, and your business will be at a lower risk for any security issues. So, connect with Q4 Gems today and implement innovative solutions for your business.


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