A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Team in Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a famous chat-based platform for small and big organizations to meet collaboration needs. 

Colleagues can work jointly on documents, schedule meetings using their calendars, and sync with other applications.

With Microsoft Teams, all the employees can come together to use apps and common applications, such as OneNote, OneDrive, and Skype for Business. 

In recent times, it has helped significantly in enhancing teamwork and communication.

That’s why the number of daily active users of Microsoft Teams increased from 145 million users in 2021 to 270 million in 2022. 

To leverage the platform, users should know how to create a team in Microsoft Teams.

Today, we will help you set up a team in Microsoft Teams in simple steps.

Let’s get going.

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How to Create a Team in Microsoft Teams: Quick Breakdown 

Employee downloading Microsoft Teams on iPhone

To create a team on the application, you can use three methods. Here, we can discuss them one by one. 

However, before you get ready to follow the steps, download Microsoft Teams on your desktop.

When a user searches for Microsoft Teams, you will come across two options–to open it on your browser and to use a browser. 

Considering that you are learning how to create a team in Microsoft Teams, you will use it in the long haul.

Therefore, we prefer you download Microsoft Teams on your device. 

On a desktop app, Microsoft Teams login will enable you to work with your team from anywhere.

Method # 1: Setting Up a New Team

Basically, Microsoft 365 provides a cross-application membership service called Microsoft 365 Groups.

You must create a new Microsoft 365 Group or Microsoft Teams account in case you don’t own an existing account there. 

This will help manage the work of your team according to your preferences. 

The steps on how to create a new team in Microsoft Teams from scratch are as follows:

Step 1: Look For the Team Icon

As you run the Teams Microsoft application on your device, you will notice a Teams icon on the bar present on the left-hand side. 

It is the third icon on the sidebar of the app.

Step 2: Select an Option 

On clicking the blue Teams icon, a menu with two cards will appear on the device. 

From there, join or create a team on Microsoft Teams.

Since this section of the blog teaches you how to create a team in Microsoft Teams afresh, you need to select the “build a team from scratch” option.

Step 3: Decide on a Template 

In this step, you can choose the level of team privacy that suits you. Your team has two visibility options: private and public.

These two privacy levels on Microsoft Teams serve different purposes.

Anyone can join a public team to participate in the community or subject. With this template, numerous people can add the group.

A private team will restrict the discussion to just the team members. Also, anybody who wants access would require permission.

There will be another option, “Org-wide,” that we will explain later in the article.

Step 4: Name the Team

You need to give a title to your team.

You have a variety of options for customizing your team on Microsoft Teams. You can start by selecting the team’s name and description. 

Select a statement that makes it obvious what the team is there for and who it is for.

The channels in your team can then be customized. 

Individual conversations that might be related to particular themes are called channels. 

There is a General channel by default, but you can also add other channels like Announcements, Planning, Marketing, and many more.

With the channel names, the team can find a relevant space to talk about a specific topic.

Step 5: Establish a Team on Microsoft Teams 

Once you tap on the create button, you will become the admin of the group. That will allow you to create channels in the team. 

Since you control your team, you have management options at your disposal. 

To structure the team, you can create channels and personally ask people to join. 

You can adjust any decisions by hovering your cursor over your team name and discovering other options from the menu that appears.

Also, you will have the authority to include new team members to participate in multiple tasks.

To send an invitation to a new member, you can tap on the button that consists of three dots. By pressing that icon on Microsoft Teams, you will get a drop-down menu in Microsoft Teams, allowing you to invite employees.

With one Microsoft team, you have a limit to add only 250 members, so keep that in mind when you send invitations.

Method # 2: Join a Microsoft 365 Team That Already Exists

Suppose your business has a Microsoft 365 group but doesn’t work on Microsoft Teams as of yet. 

This can occur if a company uses one of the other Office 365 apps to create a Microsoft 365 group. 

For an existing Microsoft 365 group in this situation, you can form a Microsoft team.

In this situation, you need to follow the instructions till step two. 

Step 3: Choose “Create From”

Once you click on the join or create a team option, you will notice that Microsoft Teams allows you to select an Office 365 group.

Step 4: Select Office 365 Group

The window that appears will then present you with the option to select a Microsoft 365 group without a team attached.

Click Create after choosing the existing group to which you want to add a team.

By selecting this option, you won’t have to manually add these:

  • Members of the team from the chosen Microsoft 365 group.
  • The name of the team.
  • The setting for group privacy.

Method # 3: Shifting a Microsoft Team to Teams

To save yourself the hassle of creating a team for the same purpose again and again can be frustrating.

Users who have a team on Microsoft can copy all the information and create a replica of it.

Step 3: Choose a Team

After you go to the option to build a team, you can select Create from an existing Microsoft 365 team or group.

Microsoft will now present you with a list of all the teams you currently own. Choose the team you want to duplicate.

Step 4: Alter the Elements 

As per your wish, you can change the group’s name and description. 

Modifying the team’s privacy is also a choice you will get here. Choose the team members you wish to replicate by checking the appropriate component, i.e., channel, group tabs, linked applications, and team members.

When you are done selecting the changes, hit the button that says create team.

Microsoft Teams is a useful tool for departmental and group organization inside a company.

Assigning work-sharing teams can boost productivity, but wouldn’t it be better to add the entire organization to Microsoft Teams?

The good news is that Microsoft Teams has a solution for it as well.

How to Create a Team in Microsoft Teams with the Org-Wide Feature

Work team using org-wide feature in Micorosft Teams

Now, let’s come to the Microsoft Teams org-wide feature we left earlier. 

Organizations with no more than 5,000 users are currently eligible to use org-wide teams, which global admins can only create.

Global admins accounts are those who buy the Microsoft business subscription.

The settings and most of the data in your company are virtually completely accessible to Global admins on Microsoft Teams. 

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What is Microsoft Teams?

It is a cloud-based platform that facilitates collaboration in organizations of different sizes. It belongs to the same family as the other Microsoft 365 products.

How to stop Microsoft Teams from opening at startup?

When Windows starts, right-click the Windows icon and choose Task Manager to prevent Microsoft Teams from starting. You can choose the Microsoft Teams application and deactivate it in Task Manager’s Startup tab to stop it from starting up automatically.

What is a channel on Microsoft Teams?

A team can share files, tools, and communications in a single location called a channel. 

What is the difference between chats and channels on Microsoft Teams?

Chats are private dialogue between you and another person (or group of people), whereas channel conversations are public.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, with these steps, you’ve learned how to create a team in Microsoft Teams. By creating teams, co-workers can connect with each other even if they are on the move. It is a space dedicated to the task to help employees achieve bigger goals.

Also, they can join meetings, review files, and perform many other activities with the help of it. 

To streamline team coordination and improve productivity, Q4 Gems cutting-edge solutions that are customized to be the perfect package for you.

What do you think?

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