Managed IT Solutions: Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2023

Automation and technology have completely changed the way businesses work. It has the potential to save costs, optimize business processes, and save time. Managed IT solutions have also experienced a growing trend of automation to customize the technological infrastructure of businesses. 

It is good to monitor these trends to get tailored solutions from managed IT service providers. We have created an extensive guide for you to stay on top of all the trends in 2023. 

Focusing On Cybersecurity 

Managed IT service providers have begun focusing on cybersecurity for businesses. A 2022 report by IBM states that the average data breach cost in the USA is more than $9 million. These breaches are common, so companies need airtight security plans to prevent these issues. 

Cybersecurity is at the top of every business’s mind, so managed IT solutions include these services. It includes insider threats, ransomware, malware, phishing, and more. Service providers work hard to create an extensive cybersecurity plan. 

Such a plan includes a detailed framework to ensure communication, compliance, and training for your team members. Opt for a company that offers such services in their plan. Most managed IT companies are gradually and slowly implementing this trend. 

Cloud-Based Services 

Around six of ten businesses moved to the cloud in 2022. Talking about managed IT trends will only be complete by mentioning this important aspect. It is one of the fastest-growing trends in the IT world, as businesses can use this to access their cloud, regardless of where they are. 

IT companies expect this trend to keep on growing. Companies are looking to decrease their costs and enhance agility. They also need flexibility and scalability. Managed IT solutions offering cloud-based services can customize these options. 

For example, the most popular trends of cloud-based services include the following:

  • PaaS
  • SaaS
  • IaaS
  • Cloud hosting 
  • And more 

Many companies also use a hybrid model of different cloud-based services. An expert IT provider will provide you with the ideal solution for your business. 

Consulting Services

Managed IT service providers are now branching out and offering consulting services to their clients. These are ideal for specialized projects that your business may require help with. For example, you might want some expert consulting regarding cloud computing. 

Service providers have started including this trend so you do not have to go elsewhere for your IT needs. Many IT companies have started dedicating professionals to this task to help businesses. You can hire such professionals if you have limited staff or require an expert opinion regarding IT, cloud, or any other topic.

Integration Of AI And Machine Learning 

AI has become a common theme in the 21st century, as most companies have begun leveraging this technology. Managed IT solutions are also slowly leveraging the power of AI for better efficiency and delivery. For example, companies can use AI for decision-making while also improving the company’s existing services. 


Integrating AI means that desk teams can automate approvals and customize the workflow for service requests. However, the task of AI does not stop here. AI and ML can work together to predict various issues and then take the appropriate steps to prevent them. 

This will help reduce repetitive issues and service disruptions in the long run. Many managed IT service providers are already exploring ways to deploy this technology. Soon, this will become the norm as the trend keeps on growing. 


You might not have heard of it yet because it is a relatively new trend in the world of managed IT services. It focuses on bringing together operations and development phases of software development lifecycle. The reason for doing this is to:

  • Improve productivity 
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Enhance team collaboration 
  • Reduce the time it takes to market 
  • And more 

If you want to promote innovation within your organization, this is one of the top managed IT solutions trends you can opt for. However, not every business is providing this service yet. You will have to research the providers in your area and shortlist those offering DevOps. 

The primary aim of such a service is to create and deploy software as quickly as possible with effectiveness. So, if you are in the business of software creation, then this service will perhaps be the most useful for you. 

HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure)

A new trend that has been revolutionizing the managed IT service industry for better is the HCI. Such an infrastructure is there to integrate everything into a single system. These include storage, computing, networks, and more. 

You can reap many benefits from implementing an HCI in your organization. This includes saving cost, enhancing scalability, improving performance, and more. With time, you will enjoy faster processing times, quick data transfers, and better operations. 

Such infrastructure also adapts to your managed IT solutions and grows with your business. It will completely streamline your IT management processes and cut the cost of hardware. So, you can decide whether you would also like to jump on this managed IT trend or not. 

Data Analytics And Business Intelligence Tools 

Even managed IT service providers want to offer exceptional services to the businesses they work with. Utilizing data analytics and BI tools means that they gather valuable knowledge from the data available. Then, they provide tailored services based on the data. 

Leveraging analytics is something almost every business does in the 21st century, which is why managed service providers also want to include this in their services. It will allow them to help businesses make better decisions, identify new growth opportunities, and optimize the work process.

If you are considering managing IT solutions, we recommend that you check whether the provider uses such tools. You will have insight into their business, enabling you to make accurate decisions. 

Data-Driven Customer Experience 

Customer experience is at the core of IT services. Anything can go wrong with IT services, which is why customers require constant and multi-channel support. Managed IT service providers understand this, which is why the trend has been gaining traction. 

Service providers are expanding communication channels to chatbots, emails, phones, forums, and more. Businesses can contact the providers through these channels and receive support as soon as possible. In 2021, close to 78 percent of IT experts stated that customer experience is an important aspect of their business growth. 

The trend will only keep growing as providers find new ways to connect with their customers. It will also lead to businesses having more trust in such services. 

Partnering With The Right Managed IT Service Provider: What Benefits You Can Reap

Now that you know what trends to look for, it is important that you partner with the right managed IT service providers. Here are some wins for your business as you partner with the right service provider:

Staying On Top Of Trends 

Professional managed IT solutions stay on top of all the latest trends you can expect as your business grows. These solutions include a vast range of services to provide you with everything you will need. From cloud computing to more complex services, you can count on your managed IT service provider. 

However, the company will first understand your business model and then decide which measures will apply to your business. Then, they will implement those measures to ensure you can benefit from the latest IT solutions. 

Keeping Your Security First 

Security is an important aspect of every business because there is significant data that companies deal with daily. The right IT company will have a security-first mindset for your organization. Service providers will back up data, offer recovery plans, and prevent security issues. 

These services are important components of every managed IT solution. So, make sure that you select a company with such a mindset. 

Excellent Customer Support

Finally, without the right customer support, you will not have a good experience with the company. You must conduct research and check whether they provide customer support through different channels. These include phone calls, emails, website contact forms, live chat, and more. 

You can also check reviews of the company to see whether they respond to what customers have to say. It will give you a better idea of whether you can expect quality customer support from the service provider. 

Final Thoughts 

These are all the managed IT solutions and their trends you must know about in 2023. Service providers are working hard to incorporate these trends in their businesses. They are also offering a wide range of services that incorporate these trends. 

Q4 Gems is the leading provider of managed IT services and other solutions you can find on our website. We offer cutting-edge and innovative solutions to make sure that your business leads the way in the industry. So, partner with Q4 Gems and completely change the IT infrastructure of your company.


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