Top 29 Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks

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In today’s work environment, where collaboration is key, mastering the ins and outs of Microsoft Teams can significantly enhance productivity and streamline communication within teams. With a myriad of features and functionalities, it’s easy to overlook some of the lesser-known Microsoft Teams tips and tricks that can make a substantial difference in how efficiently you navigate and utilize Teams. Let’s delve into some of these hidden gems.

Tip 1: Streamline Team Management

With the plethora of Teams one might be a part of, it’s easy to lose track. However, there’s a quick way to regain control. By accessing the ‘Manage Teams’ page from the Teams tab on the left navigation pane, you can get a comprehensive view of all your Teams, their membership types, and even basic analytics.

Regularly reviewing and cleaning up your team memberships not only declutters your interface but also facilitates easier navigation, making it one of the top Microsoft Teams tips and tricks. 

Tip 2: Navigate with Ease

Similar to your browser’s history menu, Teams offers a back and forward button in the top left corner, enabling you to swiftly navigate through your recent locations within the platform. Hovering over the back arrow reveals a list of the last 10+ locations visited, providing seamless navigation and saving valuable time when implementing Microsoft Teams tips and tricks. 

Tip 3: Prioritize Communication with Urgent Messages

In the midst of a bustling workday, urgent messages can easily get lost in the noise. However, within chats, you can mark messages as urgent, triggering notifications every two minutes until they’re acknowledged.

This ensures critical messages don’t go unnoticed in the sea of conversations, making it one of the most popular Microsoft Teams tips and tricks. 

Tip 4: Seamlessly Integrate Cloud Storage

Teams provides native integration with various cloud storage options, allowing you to link non-Teamified SharePoint sites, OneDrive accounts, or other non-Microsoft storage locations directly within the platform. It is one of the top Microsoft Teams tips and tricks that streamlines access to relevant content related to your teams or channels, enhancing collaboration efficiency.

Tip 5: Boost Productivity with Slash and Keyboard Commands

Harness the power of slash commands and keyboard shortcuts to expedite common actions within Teams. Whether it’s changing your status, initiating a video call, or starting a chat, these shortcuts can significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, boosting overall productivity.

Tip 6: Refine Search Results for Precision

Despite the vast amount of information within Teams, refining search results can significantly enhance efficiency. Utilize refiners and sort options to narrow down your search to messages, people, or files, ensuring you find what you need quickly and effortlessly as you navigate the various Microsoft Teams tips and tricks. 

Tip 7: Flag Important Messages

One of the top Microsoft Teams tips and tricks is to mark messages as unread to signify their importance. By selecting “mark as unread” from the ellipses menu, you can easily flag messages for follow-up, ensuring important tasks don’t slip through the cracks.

Tip 8: Express Engagement with Meeting Reactions

During Teams meetings, express your sentiments without interrupting the flow using meeting reactions. Whether it’s a like, heart, applause, or laugh, these quick reactions allow you to engage actively without disrupting the conversation.

Tip 9: Enhance Accessibility with Immersive Reader

The immersive reader feature in Teams offers a hands-free experience, allowing you to hear posts, chat messages, and assignments read aloud.

With additional grammar tools like Parts of Speech and Picture Dictionary, it enhances accessibility and multitasking capabilities. Be sure to implement these Microsoft Teams tips and tricks for better accessibility. 

Tip 10: Replicate Teams Structure with Ease

When creating new teams, leverage existing structures by copying a Team. This feature is particularly useful for creating similar product-focused Teams, ensuring consistency in design and structure across different projects.

Tip 11: Personalize Meeting Invitations

Give your Teams meeting invitations a professional touch by personalizing them with your company logo, URL, and other relevant details. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also promotes your brand and provides additional support contact details.

Tip 12: Automate Tasks with Power Automate

Integrate Power Automate within Teams to seamlessly automate routine tasks. Whether sending notifications for new tasks in Planner or any other workflow automation, Power Automate streamlines processes, saving time and effort.

This is one of the hidden Microsoft Teams tips and tricks that many people don’t know, which is why it can boost your work productivity through automation. 

Tip 13: Enhance Searchability with Hashtags

Make your conversations more searchable by using hashtags to categorize important chats. This simple practice adds taxonomy and folksonomy to your chats, making them easier to find in search later. To add hashtags, select the pencil icon next to member names in a chat and include relevant keywords.

Tip 14: Treat Meetings as Documents

Treat Teams meetings as valuable documents by recording and transcribing them by default. This ensures that important information shared during meetings is preserved and easily accessible. Establish policies within the Teams Admin Center to manage permissions and restrictions for meeting recordings.

Tip 15: Integrate Yammer Q&A

Integrate Yammer Q&A into Teams meetings or webinars to facilitate structured conversations with rich social features. This fosters engagement and inclusivity by allowing participants to ask questions and receive documented responses. Admins can enable this feature for employees, with more details available in public preview.

Tip 16: Harness Loop Components

Leverage Microsoft Loop components to insert live components into Teams conversations, enabling collaborative viewing and updating from different workspaces. This feature promotes seamless collaboration across different workloads, enhancing productivity without constant context switching between apps or tools.

Tip 17: Stay Organized with MyHub 

Streamline navigation within Teams using MyHub, which allows you to create hubs for quick access to relevant sites, Teams, and communities. This organizational tool eliminates chaos and brings order to your workspaces, saving time and boosting productivity. Once approved by your admin, simply add the app and create hubs that fit your workflow.

Tip 18: Sync with Message Center Updates

Keep up with the pace of new features and changes within Microsoft 365 by syncing Message Center updates with Planner/Tasks in Teams. This allows your team to review and triage announcements more readily, identifying and mitigating changes that will impact your employees. The Teams Admin can enable this sync and organize updates within Planner.

Tip 19: Utilize the Microsoft Teams Adoption Site

Take advantage of the constantly updated Microsoft Adoption site, which offers documentation, templates, and general guidance on all things Teams. Learn from Microsoft and the community of experts who contribute to this content, saving time and effort by leveraging existing resources.  

Tip 20: Customize Your Status Duration

Take control of your online status duration in Microsoft Teams by setting it according to your preference, rather than relying on default settings. Click on your profile image in the upper-right corner, then click on the Status arrow to choose from preset durations like 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, Today, This Week, or set a Custom timeframe.

Tip 21: Personalize Chats with Tabs

Enhance the functionality of private chats in Teams by creating additional tabs beyond the default Conversations, Files, Organization, and Activity tabs. These additional tabs, visible only to chat members, can be utilized to surface important tools and data for ongoing collaboration. Simply select the target chat and click the + icon at the top of the workspace to add a new tab.

Tip 22: Organize Conversations with Bookmarks

Simplify navigation and keep track of important conversations by bookmarking threaded discussions to your profile. This feature helps you stay organized amidst the multitude of conversations, teams, channels, and projects. Simply click on the ellipsis (…) on any conversational post and select ‘Save This Message’ to bookmark it. Access your saved messages by clicking on your profile image and selecting ‘Saved’.

Tip 23: Channelize Email Conversations

Redirect important email threads to Teams channels to facilitate broader participation and discussion among project teams. Obtain the channel email address from the target channel’s ellipsis (…) menu, then simply forward the email to that address to initiate a conversation within Teams.

Tip 24: Streamline Hypertext Links

Keep your channel posts concise and organized by cleaning up lengthy hypertext links using a keyboard shortcut. Highlight the desired text, then press CTRL-K to open a dialog box where you can enter the URL and insert the link seamlessly.

Tip 25: Harness the Mobile App

Stay connected and informed on the go with the Teams mobile app, especially useful for managing conversations across multiple channels, Teams, and domains. Download the mobile app from your preferred app store, and seamlessly navigate between conversations and domains directly from your mobile device, making it one of the top Microsoft Teams tips and tricks. 

Tip 26: Sync Files to Your Desktop

Efficiently access frequently used files or active project content by synchronizing them with your local computer using Teams integration with OneDrive. Simply navigate to the Files section within your target channel and select ‘Sync’ from the top menu to create a quick-access folder on your desktop to implement Microsoft Teams tips and tricks. 

Tip 27: Pin Essential Apps

Ensure easy access to your most-used apps by pinning them to the left rail in Teams. As Teams serves as the central hub for teamwork, pinning apps like Yammer, Lists, or Tasks keeps them organized and readily accessible. Use the ellipsis (…) on the left rail to pin or unpin apps according to your preference.

Tip 28: Leverage the Full Potential of Tabs

Tabs are a fundamental yet powerful feature of Microsoft Teams, providing team members with dedicated spaces within channels or chats to access services and content. These Microsoft Teams tips and tricks enable seamless integration of tools, data, and conversations, fostering collaboration within the context of the channel or chat.

Tabs serve as the cornerstone of productivity in Microsoft Teams, offering the flexibility to create tabs for essential tools, spreadsheets, videos, or websites pertinent to your project or team. By centralizing tools and data within Teams, tabs transform the platform into a comprehensive hub for your work, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency.

Tip 29: Reorganize Your Teams and Channels Effectively

Another one of the valuable Microsoft Teams tips and tricks for maximizing productivity in Microsoft Teams is to reorganize your Teams and channels for streamlined navigation.

As your Teams and channels multiply, navigating through them can become cumbersome. Regularly reorganizing your Teams and channels ensures that important ones are readily accessible, while inactive or less relevant ones are tucked away, reducing clutter and improving efficiency.


How do I get better at Microsoft Teams?

Use Keyboard Shortcuts.

Search Through Your Conversations.

Search Using Shortcut Commands.

Implement Our Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks.

How do I make my Microsoft team more fun?

Microsoft Teams games are the perfect solution if you’re a manager, team lead, or facilitator looking to inject fun into your team’s virtual interactions.

How can I look better on Microsoft Teams?

Use soft, diffused lighting that lights up your face evenly.

How do you organize chats in a team?

Features like chat folders and search filters help categorize conversations.


By mastering these Microsoft Teams tips and tricks, you can unlock the platform’s full potential, fostering efficient collaboration and productivity within your teams. Whether you’re a seasoned Teams user or just getting started, incorporating these strategies into your workflow can make a significant difference in how you leverage this powerful communication tool.

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