Office 365 Pricing: Select the Perfect Plan

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There is much confusion regarding Office 365 pricing plans. In total, they have four plans:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic: CAD 8.10 per user per month. 
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard: CAD 17.00 per user per month.
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Business: CAD 11.70 per user per month.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium: CAD 29.80 per user per month. 

In this article, we will walk you through the Office 365 pricing plans and their features to help you invest correctly.

How Office 365 Does Businesses a Service?

An infographic on the key elements of Office 365 pricing

For businesses to dominate in their respective sector, Office 365 for business has become essential. It targets three of the key elements that drive the success of an organization–communication, creation, and collaboration. 

As of February 2023, over a million organizations are reported to use Office 365 globally.

Office 365 packs amazing tools like Word, Exchange, SharePoint, Excel, Teams, and many more.

As it is cloud-based, it allows users to access it from any location in the world using any device. 

There is one condition to it: they should be connected to the internet.

The tools that Office 365 presents to the user work cohesively, making businesses agile. 

Before going to the Office 365 pricing, let’s see why it has become indispensable for businesses.

Office 365 to the Rescue: 7 Benefits for a Digitally-Driven WorkPlace

Benefits of office 365

Office 365 for business can transform how companies operate. It has greatly helped companies pick up the mess created due to lack of collaboration and brought them on the same page. 

The seven benefits of Office 365 are as follows:

1. Unparalleled Accessibility 

With Office 365 for business, users can save all the files in the cloud storage.

That means whether an employee is remote or on vacation, they can access the app and files without an issue.

2. Invaluable Security

Taking care of the security-sensitive files was a taxing task before the advent of Office 360. 

Now, with Office 360 for business, no stranger can access the file without going through the two-factor authentication process.

Aside from that, the anti-malware and threat detection feature recognizes and halts any potential security threat posed by the restricted information.

3. Centralized Communication 

Office 365 doesn’t let distance or time differences hinder inter-team communications, making it a complete solution for collaboration.

With Teams, users get the option to convey their messages and share files simultaneously. 

You can also mention people by name on documents.

While Teams boost cross-department collaboration, Yammers serves as a sort of social network for your company. 

Employees receive email notifications whenever a new post is made, ensuring they don’t miss any important announcements. 

For example, the users may instantaneously message the entire workforce by posting to your company’s news feed. 

Also, any user can leave a comment on a post, and Yammer lets you set up many channels for various uses.

So users don’t always have to post to the entire organization.

4. Uninterrupted Business Operations 

A company should carry on as usual in the event of an office disaster.

With cloud storage, users don’t have to worry about file backups.

Therefore, even if something happens to the devices, emails, files, and data remain unharmed. 

Exchange offers recovery tools to recover specific emails or even entire inboxes. 

If you’re using Office 365 for business, you may continue doing business as usual under any unwanted situation.

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5. Quick Upgrades 

Word, Excel, and Outlook are all components of Office 365. All these tools keep updating online without the need to install any additional software. 

Companies don’t have to delegate a person to stay updated on the most recent version because of upgrades.

Wherever new releases are launched, the system will update automatically. Since updates are covered by the subscription offered in the Office 365 pricing plan, users don’t have to pay for updates.

6. Transparent Office 365 Pricing 

Office 365 pricing is a subscriber-based model on a per-user, per-month basis. The degree of functionality the user selects for your business will determine the cost. 

Various enterprise levels of Office 365 determine the cost of each license. These contain a set of different applications and products. 

Paying per user every month ensures a predictable outlay and drastically helps set up the IT budget for the upcoming year. 

There are no unforeseen or extra charges because upgrades are covered by the price of your licenses.

If you purchase the licenses from Core, you can also modify the amount of licenses you own at any moment. 

For example, if you hire or fire a person in the company. This prevents over-licensing and eliminates the wastage of resources.

7. Improved Collaboration 

Through various tools, Office 365 enables users to share mailboxes, calendars, and contacts and edit documents in real time. 

Exchange calendar sharing lets users know who is available at a given time, allowing users to organize convenient meetings for everyone. 

Messages can be filtered to land in shared mailboxes so they won’t be passed over. That is because they allow numerous users to access the same inbox. 

Another essential tool for fostering collaboration is SharePoint. 

It has coloured flags to differentiate one user from another in a document.

So, multiple users can access a document at the same time and work on it. 

The Office 365 pricing model is subscription-based, letting the users pick the one that caters to the number of users per the company’s size.

By choosing the right plan, companies can run the business with continuity.

Office 365 for business has many other cool features that organizations should use in 2023. 

Common Applications Included in Office 365 Business Plan

Office 365 contains Microsoft’s main applications, such as 

  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel 
  • Outlook
  • OneNote

According to the Office 365 pricing that fits your budget, you can choose a subscription plan with additional features, like Microsoft Access, Yammer, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, Publisher, and Exchange.

Famous Types of Office 365 Pricing Plans 

This Office 365 pricing has a significant gap that the users will notice. The three business price tiers look like this:

1. Business Essentials 

This basic plan offers a decent, affordable price but only web-based product suites, preventing you and your team from utilizing the enhanced functionality provided by Office 365 apps. 

It provides a business email as well.

2. Office 365 Business

Desktop editions allow full use of the Office 365 suite, but no enterprise email exists.

3. Office 365 Premium

The only grade with complete desktop apps and business email is Business Premium. It is better to get this plan to access Office 365’s main features.

However, the names and Office 365 pricing plans have recently undergone slight changes.

Office 365 Pricing in Canada 

Now that you know the tiers of Office 365, let’s check the four Office 365 pricing plans: 

  1. Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  2. Microsoft 365 Apps for Business
  3. Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  4. Microsoft 365 Business Premium

1. Microsoft Business Basic (Formerly Known as Office 365 Business Essentials)

Office 365 Pricing For This Plan: CAD $8.10 per user per month 

The web and mobile versions of Office programs are available.

The application users get in this plan are:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook 
  • PowerPoint 
  • OneNote 

This entry-level plan grants your company access to collaboration services, including Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online.

You can get 50 GB of mailbox storage and Skype for Business online. 

As a plus point, this subscription comes with 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage for each user.

Who Should Go For This Plan?

Small and medium-sized enterprises who wish to take advantage of cloud integration, remote work, and online communication capabilities should choose this if the Office 365 pricing suits them.

2. Microsoft 365 Apps for Business (Previously known as Office 365 Business)

Office 365 Pricing For This Plan: CAD $11.70 per user

This plan gives your company access to the most recent desktop versions of apps. 

The programs it includes are given below:

  • Word 
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneDrive
  • Access
  • Publisher

This package allows you the installation of the Office suite on a maximum of 5 devices per user. 

This plan does not include any collaboration tools or services, but it does include the Office for the Web suite and 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per user.

Who Should Choose This?

Companies using Microsoft tools to manage their workload should get this MS Office 365 pricing plan.

3. Microsoft 365 Business Standard (Previously known as Office 365 Business Premium)

Office 365 Pricing For This Plan: CAD $17.00 per user

In this Office 365 pricing it combines the functionality of the Business Basic and Apps for Business plans into a single plan. 

Who Should Choose Standard Microsoft 365 Business?

This Microsoft Office 365 plan is perfect for businesses wishing to increase their ability to do remote work because it comes with a full range of collaborative tools.

It has the cloud-based and on-premises Office suites, too.

4. Microsoft 365 Business Premium (formerly known as Microsoft 365 Business)

Office 365 Pricing For This Plan: CAD $26.82 per user (discounted price till October 31st)

It offers all the capabilities included in the lower Business tiers in addition to a sophisticated security infrastructure and device management tools. 

Who Should Pay For this Plan?

For businesses that need a complete remote work solution with cyber threat protection and a potent mobile management system, the Business Premium package is the best option.


Which web browsers work fine with Office 365? 

Internet Explorer should be updated to version 10 or higher. The recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are also compatible. 

What advantages come with utilizing Office 365 for calendaring and email? 

Improved virus, malware, and spam protection. It also has better fault tolerance for email in localized situations, natural disasters, and outages.

How secure is the data transmitted or kept in Office 365?

It is secure. Microsoft uses many layers of physical and electronic security and uses all sorts of technology. 

Are Microsoft 365 and Office 365 the same?

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are not the same thing. Office 365 is a collection of business cloud-based applications. Office 365, Windows 10 (OS), and the Enterprise Mobility Suite are all included in Microsoft 365.

The Bottom Line 

The decision of what plan you choose depends on your unique requirements, Office 365 pricing, and long-term objectives. 

Regardless of your choice, you get a terrific set of tools intended to increase productivity and simplify processes. 

Therefore, you can be confident that your money is going into a system based on collaboration, security, and innovation. 

Q4 Gems offers Microsoft 365 solutions for small to medium businesses. Working with us makes you one step closer to improving your digital skills and reaching your objectives.

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