Responsive Web Design Services: What do they have in Common?

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Don’t you find it visually appealing when you open a website, and everything is flawless and works perfectly? Well, responsive web design services are responsible for such a seamless design.

However, not everyone understands what it is or has the budget for it. If you also want to make your brand website this flawless, you can hire a Toronto web design company.

In this article, we will explore:

  • What is a responsive web design
  • Choosing between website builders and professional services
  • Elements of responsive web design
  • And more

What is Responsive Web Design?

responsive web design services concept

Responsive web design services use the power of professional web development to create responsive websites. These respond to the environment and behaviour of users through screen size, orientation, and platform.

Some practices include the following:

  • CSS media
  • Flexible layouts and grids
  • Image size and scripting abilities
  • Resolution accommodation
  • And more

All of these practices will ensure that the user can have a flawless experience regardless of their device.

Web Design Builder VS. Responsive Web Design Services: What to Choose

Professional web designers building a website

Now, you might wonder why you should opt for a Toronto web design company when web design builders are available in the market.

Let us compare both to help you make an informed decision about choosing responsive web design services:

Website Design Builders: Pros

There are many advantages to opting for professional website design builders. These include the following:

  1. Easy to Use

Most of these web design builders have drag-and-drop interfaces you can use. There are also endless pre-designed templates you can use to build a website.

So, even if you don’t have any technical expertise or skills, you can use these website design builders.

  1. Affordable

If you are running a small business, you might not have the funds to opt for professional, responsive web design services. Web design builders can be affordable for anyone on a limited budget.

It will save you the hassle of investing too much time and money into your website design. Set a budget to see whether you can opt for professional services or use web design builders.

  1. Saves Time

Web design builders can save you a lot of time. You can opt for pre-made templates and use them without the need for professional, responsive web design services.

  1. Customizable

With website builders, you can customize the templates and build a website based on your branding. Different builders will have different customization options.

You can check the features of various builders and then decide which one will work best for your website building needs.

Website Design Builders: Cons

Everything has its ups and downs. Here are some limitations of using a website design builder for your needs:

Limited Options for Customization

Some of the pre-made templates have limited options for customization. You can only customize the functionality and design to a certain extent.

If you have some website design goals in mind, you might only be able to execute them with professional, responsive web design services.

Lack of Technical Capabilities

Website builders lack some advanced technical capabilities you might need for your website. In that case, you only have to opt for responsive web design services.

Professional Web Design Services: Pros

There are many pros to hiring professional, responsive web design services. Let’s review some of them to help you make the right decisions:

  1. Customizing the Website

Responsive web design services can easily customize your website based on your needs. They have an entire development team to help create a professional website.

From page loading times to user-friendly interfaces, you can expect a premium and professional website for your brand.

  1. Optimized for Search Engines

Websites must be optimized for search engines so they can rank higher. Responsive web design services have the technical skills and expertise to help you optimize the website for search engines.

In the long run, your website will rank better, and your target audience will be able to find you.

  1. Branded Website Design

Professional web developers understand the importance of incorporating branding into your site. Once you provide a brief, they will create a custom website based on your brand colours, fonts, tone, and more.

Such professional services have the resources and knowledge to brand your website.

  1. Support and Maintenance

Responsive web design services offer website maintenance and support to their customers. They ensure that the website remains functional, secure, and updated.

If you have any issues on your site, they can also troubleshoot them and provide updates and guidance. So, if you need a development team at your call, hiring professional services is best.

  1. Website Integration

Finally, responsive web design services can help your site integrate with other systems. For example, they can integrate your website with social media platforms, CRM systems, etc.

These integrations will help streamline your operations and enhance the efficiency of your business. Medium to large businesses can benefit from such website integration.

Professional Web Design Services: Cons

Even with professional web design, there can be some limitations. These include the following:


You must set a certain budget to hire professional web design services. It can cost anywhere between $3,000 and more.

It depends on the company you choose. You can create a list of companies you might like to work with and then shortlist the ones that suit your budget.

What do Responsive Web Design Services Have in Common?

When searching for responsive web design services, you must look for a few elements and factors important to such website design.

Most professional web design services have these elements in common to ensure effective web design:

Flexible Images

Images can greatly affect your site’s speed and responsiveness. Adding oversized and big images on the website might not be ideal for all browser types.

For example, images with bigger widths and heights can be an issue for mobile devices. Responsive web design services keep this in mind before adding images to your site.

They crop the images, have multiple versions, and compress them to ensure fast loading times. So, your professional service must know how to create flexible images for your site.

Streamlined Grids

There are various grid systems in the market, but professional services define their grid:

  • Spacing
  • Parameters
  • Columns
  • And containers

Professional developers code their own grids. Any business that wants effective layouts and spacing on its website can opt for professional web development.


Around half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Because of this, it has become more important than ever to make your site friendly for mobile.

Everything from the images to the text has to fit on the mobile screen. Loading times also have to be fast.

You will lose a lot of traffic if they are slow on mobile. To retain your customers, you must make your site friendly for mobiles.

Is Your Website Responsive: How to Check?

If you already have a business website, you might wonder if it is responsive or if you need to make any changes.

Our Toronto web design experts have listed the steps you can follow to check whether your website is responsive:

  • Open Google
  • Go to your website
  • Open Chrome DevTools by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Then, toggle the device toolbar by pressing Ctrl+Shift+M
  • View your page from any device of your choice

Conducting this test will let you know whether your web design is responsive. You can also leverage Google’s Mobile-Friendly test to check if the pages are mobile-friendly.

Adding your URL on Google Page Insights will also give you an analysis of your website and its performance. So, use these tools to check whether the website is responsive.


What are responsive web design services?

Responsive web design services adapt to the users’ devices while retaining optimal appearance and usability.

Which is best for responsive web design?

Some of the best practices for responsive web design include eliminating clutter, remembering typography, compressing images, and ensuring the fluidity of the layout.

What are the three basic things required for responsive web design?

The three major principles of responsive web design include media queries, fluid image use, and optimal grid systems.

How do you design a responsive website?

It is best to hire responsive web design services to design a website. Otherwise, you can choose a website builder to create your brand website.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand the principles of responsive web design, you can opt for responsive web design services. These will help you have a stunning website that looks and works effectively.

Everything from functionality to appearance is part of responsive web design. You can hire our Toronto web design company for professional web design services.

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