What is IT Staffing: Everything You Need to Know

IT staffing workers in office
IT staffing is the process of finding candidates that will fulfill the technology roles needed in your IT Team. Some of these positions require highly specialized staff that understand how the technology works.

Remember that with the changing nature of technology, some skills can become obsolete with time. Because of this, it is crucial to have staff that will constantly evolve and change.

In this article, we will understand what is IT staffing, its types, pros, cons, the process, and more. Keep reading to decide whether it is the right choice for your business.

IT Staffing Explained

IT staffing requires companies to find top professionals who can complete the technology development tasks your company needs. You can hire this staff for ongoing projects, certain tasks, or anything else you need.

Many businesses hire IT staff for part-time, full-time, or remote positions. It depends on the IT needs of your business and what will work best.

The process has become complicated with time as technology is advancing rapidly. Businesses are now outsourcing this task and hiring IT staffing companies to fulfill their staffing requirements.

Types of IT Staffing

Before you opt for IT staffing solutions, there are different types you can choose from. It depends on the organization’s needs, growth, and other factors.

So, now that you know what is IT staffing. Let’s review the key IT staffing models you might require for your business:

1.  Temporary Staffing

As an organization, you have long-term and temporary roles you must fulfill. Even for your IT department, you will require short-term or temporary to focus on a certain project.

Such IT staffing fulfills the immediate talent needs of your organization for an assignment or project. You can hire this staff on a contract basis or temporary employment.

Assess where you might need temporary IT staffing in your department. Then, you can decide if this is the kind of staff you require.

2.  Long-Term Staffing

Anything above one year would classify as long-term IT staffing for your business. The purpose of opting for long-term staffing is to have a full IT development team at your disposal.

It will require you to have a strategy-driven approach to ensure proper staffing. We recommend you take the following things into account before you opt for long-term IT staffing:

  • Maternity leave
  • Promotions
  • Poor performance
  • Retirement
  • And more

You will have to fill the vacancies that arise because of these factors. An IT staffing company can help you through this process to ensure optimal long-term staffing.

After you have learned what is IT staffing, it becomes more important than ever to choose from one of the key staffing models.

3.  Strategic Staffing

Aligning the objectives of your company with the IT workforce is important. Strategic staffing refers to how well you align these goals by hiring the right IT staff.

It involves taking a proactive approach to ensure the right talent acquisition. In the long run, it will help you have a competitive advantage to remain relevant in the industry.

If you don’t know how to begin this process, the right IT staffing company can help you fulfill these goals.

4.  Succession Staffing

Finally, we have succession IT staffing, which is related to identifying and developing internal IT teams to fulfill organizational roles.

The process of succession staffing

  • Begin by identifying high-potential employees within the IT team
  • Provide them with targeted training and mentoring to hone their skills
  • Offer them development opportunities so they can take specialized or leadership positions
  • Fulfill the role when need be in your department

As your business requires IT staff, this method will guarantee a smooth transition. Your internal team will fulfill the relevant vacancies because of retirements, promotions, and other changes.

How Does IT Staffing Work?

infographic on IT staffing process

Now that you know what is IT staffing and the various types, you have to be familiar with the process. It will help you understand the time and resources required to build an exceptional IT team.

Let’s review the process of IT staffing you will need for your organization:

Step 1: Identifying the Needs of Your IT Team and its Goals

As an organization, you must clearly understand what is IT staffing, and what you want with it. Begin by creating a list of goals and projects that require you to have an IT staff.

Then, we recommend you list down all the skills the employees will need to achieve every goal. It would help to list the goals according to priority or sequentially to get a clearer picture.

Step 2: Conduct an Analysis of your Current Workforce

The next step in the IT staffing process must include conducting an analysis of the current workforce. You must analyze:

  • The current skills of your team members
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your current employees
  • Gaps in skills you must fill with the IT staffing process
  • Whether you need to train your existing staff or hire a new one

Feasibility is an important part of this process to see whether you can hire new IT staff. Once you have complete information after analysis, you can use the results to guide decisions regarding IT staffing.

Step 3: List the Skills Your Organization Needs

Your organization’s team will not do well without the right IT skills. After conducting a thorough analysis, we recommend you create a list of important skills you need in the team.

For example, after the initial analysis, you might realize that your team lacks expertise in storing data properly. So, you might need expert cloud migration services for better data storage and centralization.

We recommend you break down the skill list into two parts.

The first part will be the skills you can easily train your current team in, while the other can be skills you might need to outsource or hire new IT staff for.

Step 4: Work on a Detailed Training Plan

In the long run, many IT skills will come in handy for your organization. Take the time to create a detailed training plan that you can utilize to train your employees.

If you already have in-house IT experts, you can use their expertise to train current members. However, there might be times when you will outsource this process to a professional IT staffing company.

Timeline is perhaps the most important thing for training. You have to schedule enough time for your employees to learn the training and then implement them in their daily tasks.

Step 5: Assign Roles to the Team Members

Once the training is complete, it is time for you to define roles and assign them to team members.

Here are some of the ways you can make this happen:

  • Create comprehensive job descriptions for each position you must fill
  • Outline all the important duties, expectations, skills, and more
  • Include soft skills within the descriptions
  • Create bundles of these roles, and each expert can tackle one role, depending on their skills

Look within the company for experts that closely fit the job description. Offer them the roles and optimize your IT staff.

Step 6: Time for Hiring and Recruitment

Your current IT team will not be able to fill all the roles and requirements. You will need to hire and recruit new IT experts that can take your organization to the next level.

An important thing to note is to fill the specific skill gaps within your company with the hiring process. The process will take some time, and you will have to staff your IT team one by one.

If you don’t want to go through this hassle, you can always hire an IT staffing company that will make this happen for you. Their talented experts can help you fill the skills you are looking for on your team.

Step 7: Think About Having a Remote IT Team

The world is moving towards a hybrid work model where you can leverage the power of expert talent anywhere in the world.

Your organization can also hire a remote IT team for certain tasks, as you don’t have to limit yourself to local hiring. Such hiring will open you up to new talent and possibilities that will boost your chances of having the right talent pool.

If you need a remote team for your IT staffing needs, you can conduct a simple Google search and find various teams across the world. Then, you can select one that will best suit your needs.

Benefits of Hiring an IT Staffing Company

There are many advantages to having the right IT staffing solutions at your disposal. Some of them can include the following:

  • Connecting with workers that have the right skills and talents


  • You can focus on other aspects of your organization rather than hiring new IT staff


  • Your organization will have wide access to top-talent


  • The hiring process will be accelerated as professionals will be working on it


  • It will reduce the risk of hiring the wrong IT staff for your organization


  • The costs of hiring may go down by outsourcing this task


  • You can fill the IT positions with a hassle-free experience


  • There will be more diversity in the IT staffing company’s talent pool


  • You will get dedicated specialists for the tasks or projects you have

Challenges of Hiring an IT Staffing Company

list of challenges of IT staffing

With benefits, there also come challenges while hiring an IT staffing company. When you understand these challenges, you can work toward solving them.

Here are some common challenges that might come with hiring IT staffing companies with solutions you can implement:

Challenge 1: Less Control over the Process

As you hand over the IT staffing process to another company, you will have less control over the process. Think of them as the middlemen that will help you connect with the right talent pool.

Such a process can be complicated and stressful, and there can be communication gaps.

Solution: A good solution you can implement is to dedicate a project manager to work with the IT staffing company. Your organization will have more control, and you will get a say in the decisions being made.

Challenge 2: Candidates May Not Fit Well with the Company Culture

When you are not conducting interviews, you have no idea the new hires coming into your company. You won’t know whether they will adapt to your culture and fit well.

Not only do candidates need to have the right skills, but they also need to fit well with other employees.

Solution: Again, hire a dedicated project manager for this process and have them sit in the interviews till you take your staffing a long way. They will give their input, as they understand the culture and environment of the company better than the IT company.

Challenge 3: Communication Issues may arise

Miscommunication is a common problem in the business world. Even when you hire an IT staffing agency, you might not communicate well with them.

Sometimes, you might not be in the loop, or the company may not be completely transparent about the process.

Solution: A good solution to this challenge is to set communication expectations from the start. Have regular check-ins with the company and see how the staffing is going.

Again, having a dedicated manager to communicate with the company will resolve most of your issues.

Choosing the Right IT Staffing Firm

IT staffing workers in a meeting

By learning what is an IT staffing company, you can overcome the challenges we have listed above with ease. Let’s review what you can do to select the right IT staffing company for your needs:

1.  Check Expertise

IT staffing companies come in different expertise levels. Some focus on cyber security, while others focus on software development, and some offer everything.

The key to selecting the right staffing company is to evaluate their expertise and see what you require. Match their skill level with your needs to identify if they can fill the gap you need help with.

2.  Determine what Communication Methods they Use

Not all IT staffing agencies will have the same communication method with businesses. If you want to avoid misunderstandings in the future, you must set clear expectations of communication and best practices.

If your company works with an agency in a different time zone, then this is of utmost importance. Having clear methods and expectations will reduce the chances of any misunderstanding.

3.  Conduct Extensive Due Diligence

We recommend you conduct a comprehensive background check before you hire the IT staffing company. See what customers are saying about their service and how they respond to issues.

You can check online reviews on websites such as Clutch that provide an unbiased evaluation of companies. Performing due diligence will increase your chances of having the right IT staffing partner by your side.

4.  Compare Costs and Value

There are many IT staffing agencies you can choose from for your business. You must compare various agencies you have shortlisted and see what value they offer to businesses.

You can assess this by considering:

  • Expertise
  • Past projects and work
  • Cultural differences
  • And more

Analyzing the costs and value in this manner will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of what you need to do. Then, you can guide your business decisions in line with what is IT staffing, and what you need for it.

The Future of IT Staffing

IT worker analysing trends

The answer to “what is IT staffing?” will keep changing because of innovations and technological changes. There are new ways in which IT keeps on evolving.

Knowing where the future of IT staffing is headed will ensure you can also keep up with the changes and demands. Our experts have come up with the following insights regarding what is IT staffing and its future:

Trend 1: Rise in Remote Teams

Remote work has become increasingly common throughout the world. In the next decade or so, there will be an even higher rise in remote work throughout the industries.

Organizations will have to adapt to this trend and hire in-house and remote IT teams to fulfill their workload. To start on the right foot, you must invest in remote infrastructure, development, and training.

Trend 2: Demand for Niche Skills

Businesses are always on the lookout for professionals with specialized skills in all departments. In the IT world, there might be a demand for niche skills such as:

As you build an IT team, you can also look for individuals with niche skills. These experts can help your company grow and ensure you have the right IT solutions for your business objectives.

Trend 3: Utilizing AI in the Hiring Process

AI has become our assistant as we are using its intelligence for endless tasks. In the next decade, the importance of AI will become even more prevalent.

IT staffing companies are using AI tools that help them maintain unbiased hiring practices. Such tools can guarantee you have a competitive advantage in the market.

Screening and assessment of candidates have become easier than ever with these tools. As these technologies advance, you will have more help at your disposal, saving your resources and time.


What are the two main types of IT staffing?

Short-term and long-term IT staffing. The one you select will depend on your project needs.

Why is IT staffing important?

It helps streamline the process of your IT department. You will retain the best talent while meeting the objectives of your business.

Who is responsible for IT staffing?

Managers in all departments and the HR is responsible for IT staffing. The involvement of relevant teams will help in hiring the best talent.

How big is the IT staffing industry?

The IT Staffing Market size is expected to grow from USD 114.75 billion in 2023 to USD 137.34 billion by 2028.

What is IT staffing technology and software?

These technologies are applications and tools that aid in the IT staffing process. Every IT staffing company has unique tools to aid this process.

Final Thoughts

IT staffing is important for any organization trying to progress in the global market. You need the right talent to ensure efficiency, hire the right talent, and optimize processes.

By knowing what is IT staffing, its types, pros, and cons, you can make better decisions. So, you can also incorporate IT staffing solutions into your company.

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